My father was Captain in the British Merchant Navy and one of my favourite modern novels is Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love (a strange & dark tale about a circus folk family). So it’s really no surprise that I fell in love with the paintings of Evan B. Harris. Depicting rich sources of narrative such as the “carny-life” of the circus and  nautical folklore seems to be a common thread in Evan’s work. Though these are images that have been worn out by many artists over the years, Evan brings his own unique twists in his approach to these subjects and accomplishes such beautiful work.

How would you describe your studio practice?

I describe my studio practice as the most controlled part of my life. I need that kind of structure to keep me grounded. I’m very meticulous and I need to have everything in its place. I surround myself with all kinds of rusty, broken beaten little objects that I pull my inspiration from. Outside of that I just need a good cup of coffee and a interesting audio book to listen to.

What inspires you?

What inspires my work the most is… Life. My paintings are just a amalgamation of my dreams with past and present memories. All the rest is just filler, little things I’ve picked up along the way. I’m like a magpie, I love shiny things. They can help to create a beautiful composition.

How would you describe your work?

The texture of my work has changed over time. I use to think to be a painter I needed to make a mess by throwing paint all over the place, working on big pieces made of wood with frames, and all that kinda stuff. A real physical way to create, it takes a lot of energy. Now a days, I prefere to take my time and focus on the details. I don’t need the security of all that mess. Just give me a white soft piece of paper and I’m happy as a clam!




Do you speak to other artists about your work?

I do know a lot of others artists, and now and a again I might talk a little shop with them. But for the most part my work is something I do for myself. I’m not looking for others take on it. I feel blessed that folks even know my work and some even like it… good or bad I’m not doing this for prestige or praise.

What project are you working on at the moment?

I just finished a commission that I really like, “Fox Family Field Trip” lots of little details!