Over the past year I have discovered many unbelievably amazing artists. Katy Horan would be one of my favourites in the bunch. Her work is truly unique and her comfort and success with her choice of materials is evidence of a dedicated art-maker who strives to pursue a strong studio practice.

From her paintings to her paper cut-outs I am constantly satisfied with her ingenuity. Her approach to the female form  is steeped in an exploration of “women’s work” and women’s identity. The forms are obscured by lace like fortune tellers, faceless and sometimes hairy, fanged and clawed like strange dark animals.

“I get a lot of inspiration from things I read, listen to and watch. I like to use my work as a filter for all the tiny pieces of inspiration I absorb in my everyday life and that remain from my childhood. Folk and ghost stories are a source that I return to regularly.”

(read the rest of the interview here http://pikaland.com/2010/08/18/artist-interview-katy-horan )

You can see more of Katy’s work here: http://www.katyart.com/