What inspires you to create your work?

I’m inspired by emotion and passion.  I find these most often in music, film, travel, nature and of course other artists and forms of art.  Artists that inspire me from the past such as Lovinia Fontana,  Aldolfo Monticelli, Degas,  Jacque Henner,  Watteau and Henri Fuselli. Really,  it goes on and on. Always something to discover,  from the modern world artists such as Francis Bacon, Picasso, Dan Mccaw, Marlene Dumas, Tim Burton, Mark Ryden and Ray Ceasar.  I come from a digital background, in graphic design and am inspired by other artistic elements in photography, illustration and type.

Your work seems to blend the sweet with the sinister and there is a strong + demure quality to your female figures. What would you say about those elements?

It is all self expression for me. Balancing the feminine and masculine parts. I started painting during a divorce from a 25 year marriage. I poured myself into painting, this was my voice and continues to be. It has empowered me and my life.

How would you describe your relationship to the materials you choose to use to create these works?

I work with oils on canvas and board. I am finding using board is a better, more stable way to work. I am very hard on my work scratching and sanding.  I use nails or knives to scratch into the surface. I am still experimenting with my work and am always open to exploring.

Are there any artists who you consult with or collaborate with in Vancouver or beyond? And if so what effect does that have on your practice?

Some artists in my studio who I share opinions and ideas with are Carla Tak and Stephanie Hemming, they are my neighbors.  I have recently had a critique from a New York art director and architect David Williamson and also art dealer and collector Rudy de Jonge from Arts Umbrella to help me focus and choose work for a presentation to Flowers gallery in London and New York.  I will be meeting with them next month.

I am participating in a show on April 27 at Dianne Farris gallery “Draw by Night”.  A collaborative drawing event.  I was invited by Myron Campbell who is an amazing illustrator and collage artist. I’ve never done anything like this before and am very excited.