How would you describe your studio practice?

I spend all day drawing, on paper for framed works with watercolour, gouache and acrylics on ink. I like to paint large spraypaint murals and draw with ink on thin paper to paste up in the streets.

What inspires you to make the work that you make?

Nature documentaries, 80’s American cartoons, Beatrix Potter, manga, Miyazaki anime, TED talks, my friends, Marcel Dzama, Brendan Monroe.

How would you describe the physical nature of your artwork?

Mixed, I tend to get bored doing the same thing, I try no to think about it too much.

You seem to have an affinity for working on wood whether you are using panels or your coloured pencil pieces…what makes this such a choice material as a substrate?

Wood has it’s own character and asthetic that is nice to work with or around. I like using found material, so it’s nice to find a great piece of wood and work with it not against it

Do you have any friends in Melbourne who are artists that you talk to about your ideas/work on a regular basis? And if so how does this consultation/communication affect your work?

I didn’t grow up in Melbourne, as a result I don’t really know anyone here who isn’t an artist. It is amazing to be around creative people all the time. I like working with artists for the pure happiness of it as well as the rapid learning that occurs.

What recent work are you the most happy with?

I’m happy with the body of work that i’ve just shown in Adelaide as my solo show ‘true adventures’.