What inspires you to make the work that you make?

My work is inspired by a certain way of walking, or dancing, through life.
Whimsical, joyous, and full of gratitude. Every day I enjoy is inspiration
for art making.

How would you describe the physical nature of your artwork?

I’ve worked with a variety of mediums in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Pencil and paper has always been my favourite though. ¬†Currently i’m
working with a smaller scale, generally under a square foot. Pieces on
paper and illustration board. Using some elements of cut paper, paint,
pencil crayon, and pencil.

Do you have any friends in Vancouver who are artists that you talk to
about your ideas/work on a regular basis?

Not on a regular basis. I do share and build ideas with friends sometimes

What recent work are you the most happy with? Any upcoming shows? Or
anything else you’d like to mention?

I’m in the middle of a series of drawings that i’m pretty happy with. I
will have a couple of pieces in the cheaper show on June 26
(thecheapershow.com). Most likely mixed media drawings with cut paper, i’m
really enjoying the cut paper process.

Peter Taylor’s website is http://handmadefeat.com/ .