How would you describe your studio practice?

I like a clean and organized studio, first thing is first, I have to get organized and clean my space, palette and desk.  Most of my stuff is well organized already, but the trick is to keep up with it.  I find it much easier to work on a painting in a clean and organzid space.  I don’t want to have to search for that brush or a knife.  That is why practicing good studio habbits will alow you to paint more and search less.  and tea….ahhh yes…I like to have tea or coffee while I work.

What inspires you to make the work that you make?

Children books, reading, music, other artists, pop surrealism, fantasy movies and animation, mainly the world around me. For example I have another Living City painting that I am working on called “Sheep County”.  We drove by “Sleep Country” the other day and I thought of mattress’s as landscape in a country town/farm setting.  Sometimes words, sayings or names can inspire and trigger an idea and that is how some of my worlds are born.

How would you describe the physical nature of your artwork?

When I was in college I use to use a lot of texture in my older paintings. I would paint with combs and knives,sticks and so on, I was always encouraged to be more loose. Even my so called loose paintings where still somewhat tight.  But when I got out of school I realized I just wasn’t that kind of artist, it just didn’t seem natural to me.  I am a very tight, clean and meticulous artist who loves detail,patterns,and texture. I have embraced the way that I work and understand that it is these quality that make my art style my own.

Do you have any friends in Vancouver who are artists that you talk to about your ideas/work on a regular basis?

I have some artist friends that I can bounce ideas off of when I am stumped or something.  The more people you can bounce ideas off of is great. It can be a fresh perspective that you might not have come up with or have thought about.  but, it can also be hindering as well.  Too many opinions and ideas can sometimes leave you even more confused. I think you just have to learn what to weed out.

What recent work are you the most happy with?
I would have to say My Pig painting, “Pigression” I am the most happy with.  I think what I like about this painting the most is that I can say with confidence, that I finally figured out how to work with gouache.  My pig turned out rather well due to practice and technique.  I find that if I do a thin layer with the gouache and slowly build it up, it makes it easy to deal with its quick drying time. I then go back into it and build up the finer details.   I also like the scale and composition of that painting so far.

Any upcoming shows?

I will be in three:
“Beyond Wonderland” June 12th at Box studio’s
“The Cheaper show #9” June 26th at the Storyeum in Gastown
“The Emergence show” at the Elliot Lois gallery in August (no exact date as of yet)

  "Starboard Side"  7"x7''  Gouache on paper.  2009 "Abby's Dream"  8"x12"  Gouache on paper.  2009 "Fishing Village"   14"x13"  Gouache and watercolor on paper.  2009