Photograph courtesy of   S. Vegas

What inspires you to paint and how would you describe your studio practice?

I paint because I have to.  I make art because without the constant act of creation I would quite literally go mad.  My studio practice is work, and then work, and then work.  I am always creating.  Art is life.

How does environment (ex. Tower Beach Paintings) affect the choices you make for a painting?

Environment is really important for street work, it’s the canvas that completes the painting.  I usually go out with a few different pieces and walk until I find the place that speaks to that particular work.  And like at Tower Beach, working in an environment that is less typical for street art inspires less typical placement choices.  When there are no walls available, then the driftwood on the beach becomes a really effective and interesting option.

What are your favourite art materials to use?

For stencil work I cut everything out of 0.005 Dura-lar, a plastic film a bit thicker than acetate.  I use an X-acto #11 precision blade to cut all of my work.  I usually use a mixture of Montana Gold & the new Black series, Belton and MTN 94 paints.  Depends on the piece and the shades I need.  I also work with acrylics and inks and brushes…stepped away from it for a while to focus on stencils, but am getting back to brushwork again this spring and summer.  For gallery work I paint on canvas or wood panel, for street work I mostly do posters or paint murals.

Are there any artists who you like to work with or consult?

I am lucky to be surrounded by creative and talented people from all walks of life.  Almost all of my work involves collaboration on some level, whether that takes place during the production of source images or while painting.  I’m always open to new projects and ideas for collabs.  Just finished Paint Your Faith (, a collab mural with Titi Freak, Faith47 and Peeta, and this summer I’ll be painting at Upfest with Liliwenn (  This will be our second time working together and we have something really special planned.  As for talking about art, well I do that with almost everyone I know.  But lately I have had some really inspiring discussions with my boyfriend Moka Only (, with my roommates Scott Sueme ( and Bikes (, and with my friend Abandonview (

Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like to mention?

I have a busy couple of months ahead of me.  I’ll be overseas for the month of June – first stop is a few days in London, will be painting at The Star of Bethnal Green and maybe some other stuff, we’ll see what happens.  After that I go to Bristol for Upfest, June 5-6 (, and on to Amsterdam for Project ASA ( June 8-12.  Then a week in Berlin for a couple commissioned murals and a week in Paris for VitryJam (  Then home, to prep for a group show in July at Ayden Gallery (

Is there anything else that you wanted to mention?

I like turtles.