How would you describe your studio practice?

I’ve turned my solarium in my apartment into my own little art

studio/curiosity shop.  When I am painting, it is usually for a specific

show coming up.  Most of the time there is a theme to base loosely around.

I look through art books, photography, or some of my old sketches to come

up with some ideas.  Start sketching stuff out and pick my favorite ideas.

Do a quick color concept in photoshop, search for a frame that would

frame the image well, then start painting.

What inspires you to make the work that you make?

I like to create the type of art that I would like to hang on my walls.  I

get inspiration for my art from so many places.  Movies, other art,

visiting old antique shops, music, people I meet, photography, taxidermy,

weird stories, traveling, and so on.

How would you describe the physical nature of your artwork?

My work slightly changes piece to piece.  I naturally paint very clean and

smooth but I like the look of more rough textured work.  I am constantly

fighting myself to loosen up.  So my work has a bit of both in it.

Do you have any friends in Vancouver who are artists that you talk to about

your ideas/work on a regular basis?

I have gained a ton of artist friends over the years.  But I talk mostly

about my ideas and work to my boyfriend.  He has a good artistic eye and

isn’t afraid to tell me when something looks off or an idea I have just

sounds stupid.  Although sometimes I ignore what he says if I strongly


What recent work are you the most happy with?

One piece I did quite a few months back called “The sweet taste of death”.

It is one of my favorites that I have done so far.  It’s sort of a play

on Adam and Eve.  Eve is eating the apple but enjoying the sweet taste of


Any upcoming shows?

I have an upcoming show this summer.  I will have a bunch of new pieces

this July at the C.A.V.E Gallery in LA.  It is a 3 person feature show, me

and two other wonderful artists will be showing.  I’m working on the

paintings for it now and they are all circus themed.  Lots of two headed

girls, clowns, and other side show freaks.